Boston Red Sox Marketing

Boston Red Sox Marketing and Advertising

The Green Monster became a focal point for advertising from its construction at the same time as Fenway Park in 1912. Despites its name, the Green Monster was actually plastered in advertisements until 1947 when it was painted green. Advertising appeared back on the wall in 1999.

In 1997, Coca-Cola placed 3D bottles on the left light tower for power hitters, but replaced in 2008 with an LED sign that sports the brand name. The sign sits high above the left-filled upper deck seats.

Ads were recently placed besides the manual scoreboard after its expansion. The Citco Sign also has prime advertising position in plain sight past left field at Fenway since it was built in 1965.

Both Coca-Cola and Budweiser have been long term advertisers for the Boston Red Sox, but new companies have jumped on the bandwagon to compete alongside the long running brands.

In 2006, Glaceau’s Vitamin Water signed Red Sox powerhouse team member David Ortiz. Ortiz previously did advertisements for Papa Gino’s, D’Angelos and Comcast as well as had an XM radio show and had his picture on the MLB ’06 Sony video game. Ortiz also hosted a hitting clinic for kids sponsored by Papa Gino’s and D’Angelos.

The Big Papi Vitamin Water ads still remain placed in buses, subways and on every available space in the Kenmore Square T station, including transparent stickers on the floor. Vitamin Water also launched a site dedicated to Big Papi’s sponsorship . Interestingly, Ortiz is not paid in cash for his endorsement deal with Vitamin Water, but rather by stocks in the company.

For the first time in 2007, Jordan’s Furniture promised to refund all sales during a period of time if the Red Sox won the World Series. While the company is doing the same again in 2008, they have stipulated that not only must the Sox win, but that they must also sweep four games, which the Sox did in both 2004 and 2007. This year the promotion runs until April 27th, and covers sofas, sectionals, mattresses, beds, rugs, and dining room tables.

This year, for the first time, Red Sox jerseys sported an EMC logo patch on the sleeve during the three game opening series in Japan. EMC spent a large sum of money at Fenway last year with the revamp of the EMC Club Level and hopes its six figure payment for the patches drives sales in the rapidly growing Japanese market. It will be interesting to see if the team continues this ad space investment next year to a lesser, equal or grater degree.

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